Friday, September 11

University of Kentucky Women's Golf at Blessings Collegiate Invitational - Day One

University of Kentucky Women's Golf at Blessings Collegiate Invitational - Day One TV: Golf Channel

9/11 Vigil

a 9/11 vigil to honor the lives lost on 9/11 going from 8;00 AM TILL 5:30 PM.

Sunshine & slushes

This is a fundraiser for both organizations to fund fun activities, workshops and materials.

Sunshine and Slushes

Sunshine and Slushes presented by The Fashion Crew in partnership with Black is Gold

Back to School Drive

Join us at William Wells Brown Elementary school to pass out essential school supplies.

Sports Agency and Talent Management Seminar *Must Register on Handshake*

Handshake Description: "This seminar is intended to provide a general overview of the baseball agency and talent management worlds. For students who are...

Aux Wars

Students will make teams and battle for crowd approval until one team is crowned the masters of the aux cord. Masks and physical distancing are...

NPHC Week: Aux Wars

NPHC is hosting Aux Wars! Teams will compete to see who has the best beats.

Virtual Invite Night

Let's Get Down to Business! To Discuss ... Mulan!

Join ACE as we discuss Asian representation in media!

Fall COB Zoom Movie Night

Members and PNM's will virtually join a movie night.

Origami Night

Learn how to fold origami animals!

Movies on Main: Knive's out!

A new spin on a who-done-it film with lots of actors you may know! Make your way over to Main Lawn on Friday, September 4th at 9 pm to find out who actually...

SOA Movies on Main

Head out to Movies on Main with SOA on Friday! More information about what movies are being shown can be found on the BBNvolved events page. Just search...

Friday, September 11