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Submitting an Event

As the campus hub for event planning and management, the Office of University Events exists to guide campus organizations and departments through UK's event submission process. In addition to securing space and advising on program design, event managers are trained to assist in the coordination of service providers. Submit your request at to start planning your event at the University of Kentucky! To learn more about the campus events team, services, access additional event planning tools, or to contact an event manager visit

Submitting a Date or Deadline

Dates of significance such as academic course registration and academic holidays are published on the University Academic Calendars through the Office of the Registrar.

View the Academic Calendars

UK Campus Events Platform | About & FAQ

How does EMS sends information to Localist

Currently there is a script that runs on a nightly basis which generates a CSV from the event pool from EMS. Localist creates new and updates existing events as entries are pulled from the file each refresh. The feed from EMS bypasses any pending authorization and is immediately uploaded to the public calendar, provided the visibility of events are set to public.

Why don't I see my event on the platform?

All events listed / published on the platform are automatically brought over from EMS approved submissions. New events can be submitted through or BBNvolved.

How often are events updated?

Events are updated from their respective feeds nightly.

What is the cancellation process?

The current process is to rename events with “Cancelled -” which is updated with the nightly feed. This allows your guests to see that your event has been canceled.

What is the process for Building name changes or other updates?

Contact Event management at